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Stakeholders Information

We have a responsibility to manage our impacts on stakeholders and consider their interests in decision-making. We define stakeholders as groups or individuals who are affected by or can affect the achievements of our objectives. Throughout the year, we aim to be transparent and constantly engage with all our different stakeholders. Engagement takes place in different forms, from ongoing dialogue to direct feedback requests. We take feedback seriously and constantly and carefully balance the interests of our various stakeholders as their support is necessary for our long term success. At FLPL, we distinguish the following groups of stakeholders:


Our clients include:

  • Builders
  • Institutional buyers like hospitals, educational institutes etc.
  • Wholesalers/retailers of timber and related products
  • Architects, interior designers, landscape consultants
  • Commission agents, indenters, trade facilitators
  • Retail Clients: Private bungalows construction
  • Overseas clients

Client focus is our guiding principle; our clients are placed at the centre of everything we do. We have a duty of care towards our clients, build long-term relationships and provide them with timber solutions.



Our investors are key stakeholders in our business. In addition to ensuring a solid and sustainable investment return, we are committed to maintain good relationships with our investor community.



Our people are and always have been our most important asset and therefore an important stakeholder. We invest in the personal and professional development of our people because their capability and commitment define our success. We provide an environment where employees are treated with respect, and diversity and differences are valued.



FLPL is committed to trading fairly, ensuring everyone in our supply chain is treated with honesty, fairness and respect at all times. Responsible sourcing is central to all our procurement decisions. We work closely with all our suppliers and encourage them to adopt sustainable business practices wherever possible.


Other Stakeholders

Our other stakeholders include, amongst others:

  • Our Bankers
  • Rating Agencies
  • Government
  • Industry Associations

Our Bankers

We are extremely proud and fortunate to have the world’s well-known financial institutions as our bankers. We look forward to continue having a fruitful relationship with them.


Rating Agencies

The rating agencies provide FLPL with a credit rating; we therefore have continuous dialogues with the rating agencies.



The Government is responsible for the framework in which companies operate; they create legislation and regulations, influencing the way FLPL can operate. We hold dialogues with the responsible government representatives and actively try to contribute to developments in the timber industry.


Industry Associations                   

We are members of important business councils, industry groups and associate bodies. We work with these groups because they represent the timber industry; through conferences, events and workshops, these groups create a professional community in which businesses and individuals can come together to discuss current issues, receive training, and learn about new opportunities, ideas and innovations.

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For Timber Products +91 - 9711360491 / +91 - 9711360176

For Value Added Products +91 - 9711360259

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Survey No. 90, Plot No. 112-121, NH-8 , Padana Opp. Aggarwal Impex, Kandla – 370240 Gujarat | India.

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Corporate Office & Works

Faith Lumber Private Limited, Survey No. 90, Plot No. 112-121, NH-8 , Padana, Opp. Aggarwal Impex, Kandla – 370201 Gujarat | India.

Sales Office

Khasra No 72/12, Opposite Metro Pillar No 485, Near Rajdhani Park Metro Station, Swarn Park, Main Rohtak Road, New Delhi - 110041 | India

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